INITIAL CONSULTATIONS.  Initial appointments are set up in ½ hour increments. During the initial consultation, substantive issues will be discussed and your questions will be answered.  A $50 consultation fee will be charged for the ½ hour session.  This fee may be paid at the end of your session with cash or check only.

FEE AGREEMENTS. Upon engaging the firm's services and in accordance with State Bar guidelines, an Attorney/Client Fee Agreement will be signed.

FEE ARRANGEMENTS. Cases are generally handled on either a hourly, contingency or flat fee basis depending upon the nature of the matter and agreement of the parties.

COSTS AND EXPENSES. Clients are responsible for the costs and expenses incurred in connection with their particular matter.

BILLING STATEMENTS. Clients will normally receive a monthly (or other agreed upon period) billing statement itemizing the services rendered along, with the fees and costs, incurred in connection with such services.

CURRENT HOURLY BILLING RATES. The firm's hourly billing rates are based upon prevailing rates charged in the El Paso community by attorneys of the same or similar experience, ability and reputation as the attorney providing your legal services.

BILLING INQUIRIES. We always welcome and encourage your inquiries if there is a question regarding service rendered or fee charged by our office.